Join Copenhagen Gate

Copenhagen Gate should be a slim and cost effective organisation, but with associated partners to cover areas where we can add substantial value to our clients.
Perhaps you have something to offer? These are areas we need to cover:
  • Online marketing (including everything)
  • E-mail marketing, design and campaigns
  • Telemarketing
  • DM (still not dead!)
  • Field sales
  • Sales management
  • Design
  • Events-organisation
  • Social media management
  • CRM management
  • Communication
  • Translation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business analytics
  • Legal advice
  • Intellectual Property advice
  • HR

Scandinavian presence and local market understanding is required for some of these areas, notably within sales and marketing. Yet, in a globalized world where we work virtually, we work with partners across the world.

How does it work?

Once we have established that you are extremely clever in your field, and can meet deadlines, we list you among our preferred partners. No financial commitment from either side.
When we have tasks to be executed, we invite you to quote a price. We will hire the he partner who can offer the best deal for our client. You will invoice Copenhagen Gate, we pay you and we do all the transactions with the client.

What should you do now?

Simply send us a few words about yourself and the company with the link to your web site. If we feel your services could add significant value to our clients, we will follow up quickly and arrange a call. On this call we will learn more about your background and listen to your ideas on how we can provide the best possible value contribution to our clients.
It would be lovely to hear from you, and hopefully you can become a partner and work on some very interesting projects.