For investors

Copenhagen Gate aims to attract companies with strong growth potential. To help fund growth, we want to team up with private equity companies, venture capitalists and public or private growth funds.
Copenhagen Gate helps companies into Scandinavia. To fund growth, inside as well as outside of Scandinavia, we invite capital partners to help fund and manage growth through capital as well as active ownership.

Before we set up a company with a foreign partner, we have evaluated the business thoroughly and/or tested their products/services on the market. We normally start with a reseller-agreement to reduce risk and keep investments low.

We typically work with companies with low maturity but with a compelling value proposition. It will be mostly technology companies. Our aim is to prove that we can develop the company on the Scandinavian markets, and from there offer our assistance to expand the company further.
As a consequence, we would like to work with partners also outside of Scandinavia. - If we can make it here, we can make it …. We are already in dialogue with financial partners in UK and US.
At this stage, we only need your expressed interest to be contacted should a viable business case requiring capital emerge.